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I'm the cofounder of ReelwUrld, a social network where everything you post is part of a movie or show. I produced the video below for our equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder. 

In 2020, I hosted ReelwUrld's first New York Comic Con panel. It featured Star Wars actor Ahmed Best, Marvel and Disney transmedia producer Jeff Gomez, and more amazing guests. This is a teaser I made for the event. 

ReelwUrld's first show made with the audience, Justice For Hire, went viral on TikTok in spring 2021. We gained 75K followers on the platform overnight. I made this video to celebrate. 

The same week ReelwUrld launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder (Dec 2021), we linked up with a Hero who we met on our app to shoot some epic scenes for our first show. I produced/edited this short educational promo for social. 

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