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Who am I?

How can we shrink the gap between story and impact? 🤔 My career is one long answer to this question.

I'm an audience director, content strategist, and social producer with a decade of experience in varying roles in digital media (policy analyst, reporter, ghostwriter, social media editor, audience development manager, and social video producer).


I currently spearhead the social video strategy at LinkedIn News. I'm also the co-founder of ReelwUrld, a social network where everything you post is part of a movie or TV show (like if TikTok were just the MCU and we all played our own superhero).


Talent I’ve produced or edited social videos for:

Caroline Wanga, Terry Crews, Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Bozoma Saint JohnHuma Abedin, Guillermo Del Toro, Ray Dalio, Melissa Etheridge, Dara Khosrowshahi, Kate Walsh, Sloane Stephens, Carla HarrisBrooke Baldwin, Ryan Bąbel, Logan Aldridge, Blake Michael, Armando Cabral, Mindy Kaling, Alok V Menon, Seth Godin, Jose Andres, and more. 

Events I've covered & organizations I've produced/edited content for:

ESSENCE, AfroTech, AdColor, San Diego Comic-Con, CoachellaWriters Guild of America East, New York Comic Con, and LinkedIn's Talent Connect

Where you can read my work:

Newsweek, io9 & Gizmodo, International Business Times, Player One, Philadelphia Daily News, Roll Call, Michigan Chronicle, Truth Out, and The Palm Beach Post.


I'm a Tomatometer-approved critic and a member of the Writers Guild of America East.

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