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Who am I?

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I'm a journalist, social media director, and entrepreneur dedicated to innovating the way stories are told and experienced. I've made several strategic career pivots in my decade-long journey in digital media, always with the goal of bridging the gap between the stories we tell and the tangible impact they have on audiences at scale.

My career began as a politics and entertainment writer at Newsweek. In an effort to deeply understand the attention economy and its impact on journalism and entertainment, I pivoted into social media to lead Gizmodo's audience development team in 2019.

I recently joined LinkedIn to design and implement the company’s first editorial social video strategy. This cross-functional initiative connected LinkedIn’s nearly a billion members with actionable insights to transform their daily lives. Through this role, I witnessed firsthand the power of short form video to inform, inspire, and empower individuals on a global scale.

Outside of my 9-5, I've embarked on a new venture as the co-founder of ReelwUrld to reimagine social networking by fusing it with filmmaking. On ReelwUrld, every post becomes part of a movie or TV show we're all making together, blurring the lines between creator and audience. By giving the audience a role in the narrative, ReelwUrld is revolutionizing the way stories are told and experienced. 

I'm consistently inspired by the limitless potential of digital media and the transformative power of storytelling. If you share my passion for shaping the future of media, whether through journalism, social media, or innovative platforms like ReelwUrld, please connect with me.

Where you can read my work:

Newsweek, io9 & Gizmodo, International Business Times, Player One, Philadelphia Daily News, Roll Call, Michigan Chronicle, Truth Out, and The Palm Beach Post.


I'm a Tomatometer-approved critic and a member of the Writers Guild of America East.

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